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Horse Fly Sprays, Repellents, Wipes, and Topical Care


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Fight the bite!
Protect your horse from annoying pests and biting flies with an assortment of pest and fly control sprays, repellents, and wipes.

Horse Fly Sprays, Repellents, Wipes, and Topical Care

Keep your horses safe from pesky flies with a wide variety of insect control products for sale at Jeffers Equine. No matter the level of your insect problems, you can find the right fly sprays, repellents, wipes, and topical solutions to protect your horses from insect bites. Many of these products also safeguard your animals from bugs like mosquitoes, lice, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, horse flies, gnats, and carpenter ants.

Barns and stables can easily become infested with common pests — it’s the nature of outdoor farming and training facilities. Jeffers Equine has you covered with premium fly control items from well-known brands including UltraShield, Pyranha, Prozap, Repel-X, eZall, and Jeffers’s own product line. Consider eco-friendly solutions like Flicks All Natural Essential Oil Spray that repels insects with natural essential oils including eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil. Ward off flies with pesticide-free citronella-based oils and natural fly sprays that are safe for your animals.

Choose products that suit your preferred application such as wipes, shampoos, gels, concentrates, topical creams, sprays, balms, pastes, aerosol insecticides, and more. Many of these insect control formulas feature additional properties for equine care like sunscreen, sweat resistance, and coat conditioning.

Many of these insect control formulas, such as premise fly sprays, can keep entire spaces safe from infestations. They provide long-lasting defenses to keep your horses and livestock safely protected against potentially dangerous diseases like Lyme from bug bites. Shop at Jeffers Equine for your fly control needs today.

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