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Jeffers Wholesale Program

Jeffers Wholesale Program's mission is to provide your business with top-quality products at everyday low prices, allowing you the opportunity to continue building your relationship with happy, satisfied customers. In today's extremely competitive marketplace, you need every opportunity to maximize your business' potential. Jeffers' Wholesale Program offers a variety of benefits for you and your customers.

Jeffers Wholesale Program Benefits:

  • Competitive pricing: on over 30,000 top-quality items from the pet, equine, and livestock catalogs.
  • Quick setup: most wholesale accounts are ready to use within 3 business days after you submit your application!
  • Dedicated, personalized support: access to a team of professionals to answer any questions or connect you with the appropriate specialist.

How can you get started? Simply complete the wholesale application below and email it to along with a copy of a business license. Both will be required for your application to be approved. Once your application is approved and your account is given wholesale status, you will receive an e-mail letting you know that you can start shopping and saving.

Please be advised that:

  • Promotional codes cannot be used in conjunction with wholesale program pricing.
  • Jeffers Reward program and point redemption is not available for wholesale pricing and orders.
  • Jeffers is unable to provide product data spreadsheets, UPC numbers or CSV files, though we do have a dealer price list available at your request upon approval.
  • We do accept ACH payments.
  • This application does not establish a credit account. (If you would like to establish a credit account with us, we can send a credit application for you to complete and return to us for review from our finance department.)
  • This application does not establish your tax-exemption status. (If you have questions about tax-exemptions, please contact our tax department at

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for considering the Jeffers Wholesale Program for your inventory needs.

For additional information about Jeffers Wholesale Program, please contact:

For a copy of the Jeffers wholesale application, please see below:

Printable wholesale application (PDF)