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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Horses in 2021

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Horses in 2021

Searching for the perfect Christmas gift to show your horse just how much you care? Even though a good scratching session may do, we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for horses this holiday season. From fun toys and treats to cute and comfy blankets, your horse will be sure to stomp with joy when they hear hooves on the barn roof on Christmas Eve!

1) Deck The Halls With Treat-Filled Stockings

A graphic of Mrs. Pastures Treats Christmas Stocking on a gray table in front of a tray holding a gold ornament, red twine, and a jar of Mrs. Pastures Treats.

Stocking stuffers take on a whole new meaning with the Mrs. Pastures Treats Christmas Stocking! Each stocking is filled with tasty, crunchy Mrs. Pastures Treats. All-natural and preservative-free, these treats smell great and are the #1 horse treat in America! Plus, they are dehydrated, not baked, so you can stick them in your pocket without worrying about them crumbling into pieces.

2) The Best Toy for Santa’s Helper

A graphic with two images including one of a chesnut horse in a stall using a green KONG Equine Hanging Set with Treat Ring and one with three chesnut horses with the one in the middle holding a green KONG Equine Hanging Set with Treat Ring in their mouth.

This toy has made our list for the second year in a row and for good reason! Not only does the KONG Equine Hanging Set with Treat Ring help alleviate your horse’s boredom, but it is the most innovative horse toy on the market. The toy features a hole in the bottom for stuffing with hay and a treat ring that you can stuff with carrots or your horse’s favorite treat. Plus, you can hang the toy or use it on the ground. Extremely durable and with endless possibilities for snacking and playtime fun, this gift is perfect for any horse on your list.

3) Help Them Look Their Best This Christmas

A graphic with 3 Weaver Grooming Kits, including one in a pop art design, one in an insignia design, and one in a purple geo design.

Give them a gift they’ll love all year long with the Weaver Grooming Kit! This eight-piece kit includes high-quality brushes and combs in a matching tote. Designed for easy organization and with added storage, it’s the perfect gift for some good quality bonding time with your horse.

4) Help Rid Their Boredom Blues

A graphic with the Likit Boredom Buster package and product beside it.

Keep your horse entertained and challenged with the gift of a Likit Boredom Buster! The most challenging toy in the Likit line, this boredom breaker features multi-directional movement and multiple challenge options to keep your horse entertained and challenged. Plus, Likit refills last up to three weeks and are available in four different flavors, so your horse will have plenty of tasty treat options throughout the year!

5) Keep Them Jolly All Year

A graphic with a brown horse using a red Jolly Mega Ball in a pasture.

Tis’ The Season To Be Jolly! The Jolly Mega Ball is a go-to gift option for horses and provides them with tons of playing fun! The ball’s anti-burst design can withstand up to 2500lbs and is available in three different sizes, so you can choose what works best for your horse. Ultra-durable and designed for horses of all sizes, it’s an excellent gift for any horse on your list!

6) The Perfect Gift To Say Thank You

A graphic with a picture of a brown horse wearing a gray Equine MagNTX Sheet for horses.

Give your horse the gift of relaxation this Christmas with the Classic Equine MagNTX Sheet. This sheet is great to have in your pre-warmup and pre-competition arsenal. The bi-polar magnets align across the muscle meridian lines of your horse’s entire body, promoting overall healing, relaxation, and blood flow. With its excellent benefits and sleek design, it’s a great way to give back to your horse this holiday season.

7) Help Them Ride Happy All Season

A graphic with a Blue Horse 100% Pressed Wool Saddle Pad for horses and a picture of the saddle pad outlining it's features.

If you’re looking to increase your horse’s comfort while riding, the Blue Horse 100% Pressed Wool Saddle Pad is a must-have in a western equestrian’s collection. Rated our #1 western saddle pad by Kim, Jeffers Equine Specialist, this contoured pad relieves pressure points to ensure your horse stays comfortable and protected during rides. Constructed of the highest-quality wool on the market, this saddle pad will keep your pal relieved from pressure points for a comfortable ride every time.

8) Add Some Mojo To Their Christmas Stocking

A grpahic with Mojo Horse Supplements in 4.5 pounds, 10 pounds, and 20 pounds.

Give the gift of all-around health with Mojo Horse Supplement! Mojo is a true all-in-one supplement that uses food-grade ingredients to provide your horse with the nutrients they need to stay healthy and happy. What makes Mojo unique is the quality of ingredients they use compared to other supplements, opting for food-grade quality versus feed-grade quality ingredients. Jam-packed with powerful nutrients such as MSM, glucosamine, and vitamins A, D, and C, this gift will have your horse thanking you for many holidays to come!

9) Double The Functionality For Double The Fun

A graphic with a picture of a chesnut horses using a red Burlingham Hay Ball Feeder in a stall.

What better gift for your horse than something that helps both their body and their mind? The Burlingham Hay Ball Feeder doubles as a slow feeder and boredom buster by providing your horse with its daily forage intake in an innovative and engaging way. With multiple holes for your horse to try and retrieve the hay, this feeder provides all the benefits of slow feeding without needing extra treats or feed. Plus, its unique shape allows the feeder to be freely pushed around without risking it taking a run for the hills this Christmas!

10) Give Them The Gift of Comfort

A graphic with a picture of a black Lami-Cell Airflow Shaped Saddle Pad for horses.

Help them ride happy with the Lami-Cell Airflow Shaped Saddle Pad! Coming in as the best-selling English saddle pad, this half pad provides your horse with overall pressure point relief and comfort at an affordable price. Made with gel foam that contours to their body, this pad will stay in place during the toughest competitions. Plus, it’s durable, lightweight, and shock-absorbing for long-lasting performance and comfort for both the horse and rider.

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We hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holi-neighs!