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The Benefits of Doggy Daycare: Is It Right for Your Pup

The Benefits of Doggy Daycare
Benefits of Doggy Daycare

If you’re a busy pet parent, you may be looking into options for a daycare for your pup. Until recently, daycare wasn’t an option for our pets. Now, many cities have at least one facility available with numerous services for your dog. Are you considering taking your furry friend to daycare but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Keep reading this article to find out.


Temperament of Your Pet

One of the first things to consider when thinking of enrolling your pup for daycare is the temperament of the pet. Is it an experience your dog would enjoy? Since you know your canine companion better than anyone, you have a good idea if your pet would thrive in an environment with other dogs. If your pet is more of a loner, it may not be a good fit.


Visit the Daycare

Before throwing your dog into daycare, make an appointment to take a tour. Let this be a time for you to check out the facility. You want to be sure there are specific playgroups to maximize safety. Many doggy daycares have play areas divided by size, age, and temperament. Some daycares look like a park, where all pets play together, but if your dog is a little shy, this may not work.


Consider the Risks

It may seem odd to think about the risks regarding doggy daycare, but you should know that some dogs can become overstimulated. That may lead to conflict with other dogs. Also, although most daycares require vaccinations, there are instances of viral infections that could spread. That is not the fault of the daycare, but it’s something to consider when exposing your pet to other dogs.


Ask for an Evaluation

If, after touring, you think your dog might enjoy daycare, ask for an evaluation to see how your pup likes it. Most daycares will evaluate at no cost to you. It can be a half-day visit where the staff spends time with your pet to get a better feel for the appropriate playgroup and if your pup is a good candidate for daycare. During this time, the staff will see how your dog interacts with other pets and people. You’ll also get a report card that shows how your dog did that day, who he played with, and any concerns the daycare staff had. Ask if you can take your pup’s favorite snacks to make things more comfortable.


The Right Daycare

Not all daycares are created equal. If you don’t like one, try another to see if it’s a better fit for you and your pet. You want to make sure the climate is controlled appropriately for your dog. Also, ask how to access the live video feed so you can check in on your dog throughout the day. Always ask how the pets are supervised because this is essential for any reputable daycare. Remember, there are alternatives to doggy daycare if this is not best for your situation. You can hire a dog walker or trusted pet sitter to come and play with your pets and let them out for potty breaks. Be selective and keep a close eye on anyone you hire to take care of your dogs to make sure they get treated like family.