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Should Your Dog Sleep with You?

Sleeping with Your Dog
Sleeping With Your Dog

If you’re on the fence about letting your pup sleep with you, we want you to know there’s no right or wrong answer. As a pet parent, you can allow your dog to sleep with you or in another area you choose. We know there are pros and cons to allowing Fido in your bed. Keep reading for the science-backed tips you should know to help decide.


Safety Risks and Sleep Disturbance

If you have small children that sometimes share your bed, you may not want to allow your dog to sleep with you. Even a well-mannered pup can become startled at night, which could cause potential biting. Many dogs will snap in self-defense, not meaning to harm a family member.

If you have a young dog or a puppy, it may be best to use a comfy dog bed rather than share yours. Puppies are more active and can cause the owner to have sleep disturbances, which affect your health.


Benefits of Sleeping with your Pet

The benefits outweigh the issues of sharing a bed with your pet in most cases. We’ll review why you may want to allow your dog a spot on the bed.


May Help Reduce Depression

Spending time with your dog could reduce depression symptoms. Sleeping next to your cuddly canine may increase the flow of oxytocin, the love chemical. Your dog almost becomes a living antidepressant!


May Improve Deep Sleep

Sleeping with your pup may increase theta brainwaves, which are the ones that occur during REM sleep. Also, studies have shown that when you sleep with your dog, your heartbeats sync, which is even more proof of the calming effect your dog’s presence may have on your brain.


Increases a Sense of Security

When you go to sleep, it’s crucial to feel safe. The presence of a dog in your bed can impact sleep quality. Knowing that your pet is with you can increase that feeling of security and comfort. Since your dog’s instinct is to protect you, your pup will alert you if anything is wrong while you sleep.


Eases Tension

Studies have also shown that support animals can decrease nightmares and help people with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). The increased comfort you feel from your dog may put you at ease and give you a cozy feeling that can produce more restful sleep.


The Pet Effect

Many pet owners feel improvement in their mental health when their dogs are present. Since cuddling with your canine can release oxytocin, you’ll feel less stress, and you may experience a lift in your mood. In addition, spending time with your pet can help lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

Remember, you’re the pack leader, so set some boundaries when allowing your dog to sleep with you. We know co-sleeping isn’t appropriate for everyone, and you should do what is best for your unique situation. For many people, sleeping with your dog can improve your health in multiple ways, so having your furry friend to snuggle with can be good for both of you.