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Tips and Tricks to Stop Your Puppy from Eating Rocks and Other Odd Objects

Stop Your Puppy from Eating Rocks and Other Odd Objects

You’ve got an adorable puppy and you’re providing the best foods and treats possible, but for some reason, your new fur baby wants to eat everything else. Are you dealing with a dog who eats rocks or other strange items? Puppies are especially notorious for eating whatever they come across, like pebbles, trash, and leaves. Let’s explore this weird and sometimes dangerous problem and give you some tips to stop this behavior.


Stop Your Puppy from Eating Rocks and Other Odd Objects


Why Does Your Puppy Eat Rocks?

Although many pet parents find this behavior odd, it can be natural for your canine companion. Puppies may especially enjoy eating all the new things they come across. Pica is the term used when your pet eats non-edible items. It may not be rocks. It could be other things like dirt, sticks, and other indigestible objects. Sometimes your puppy is deficient in certain nutrients and it is thought that Pica may be a result of those deficiencies. Always talk to your vet to discuss the issue.


Is It Serious?

If your puppy prefers to have a rock sundae, it can be a real problem. Unlike grass or dirt, rocks will not pass through the digestive system. Also, rock-eating is typically a behavioral issue, not a nutritional problem. Still, this can pose a dangerous situation that requires surgery. Take your puppy in for a thorough checkup to be sure nothing is wrong health-wise. Rocks aren’t the only strange items some dogs choose to chow down on. As awful as it seems to pet owners, some pups prefer eating poop, small dead animals, or bugs. That is why a visit to your vet is so important. After that, you can incorporate some steps to change the behavior.


Curbing This Unusual Eating Habit

No matter why your pup enjoys munching on weird objects like rocks, sticks, and dirt, you want to act quickly to stop the behavior. One way to do this is to clean your yard frequently and remove any rocks or other items your pup likes to snack on when going outside. Increasing exercise is also a way to make your dog tired and keep him busy so that he has less time to nibble on unhealthy objects. You may want to talk to your vet about a medication or natural anxiety supplement to make your dog more relaxed. Sometimes that can help those odd eating behaviors. This may be a perfect time to enroll your puppy in manners training. You’ll learn commands that will help your dog know to leave those inedible objects alone.


Simple Solutions

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. Often it may be that nothing is wrong that cannot be treated. Your new puppy may be nervous in a new environment. Try making your pet feel more secure by spending plenty of time together. Some dogs get bored easily and need mental and physical stimulation more frequently than other dogs. If you address the root cause, the behavior may disappear sooner than you think. If you have a pup eating weird objects like rocks, the important thing is not to give up hope. Almost anything can be fixed, and your new family member is worth the time and effort it takes to remedy these issues.