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Zero Egg Count Equine Fecal Test Kit


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Zero Egg Count Equine Fecal Test Kit

Zero Egg Count is a diagnostic fecal egg count test and laboratory service which provides vital information about a horse's worm burden and the effectiveness of an owner's deworming program. This inexpensive mail-in test kit includes everything you need to collect and safely ship your horse's fecal sample to their lab.

Zero Egg Count's professional laboratory technicians use one of the most sensitive testing methods available to identify the type and number of parasites lurking inside a horse. The current American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Parasite Control Guidelines recommends using an egg counting technique with a limit of detection of less than 25 eggs per gram (EPG). Zero Egg Count's testing method, the Modified Wisconsin Sugar Flotation Technique, has a detection limit of 1 EPG.

To use the kit, all you need to do is scoop, seal and send a small sample of your horse's manure to Zero Egg Count's lab using the pre-addressed, prepaid, envelope provided with each kit. A client's testing results are shared via email or US mail within 48 hours of the sample's receipt. Each test result identifies the type and number of parasites detected and classifies each horse into easy-to-understand classifications of high, moderate or low shedder categories. This information allows a client to make informed decisions about their horse's deworming protocols.

So join the veterinarians, horse owners, and barn managers who took control of their horse's healthcare by using Zero Egg Count Parasite Test kits as part of their parasite control program.

Zero Egg Kits include the followings:

  • transparent, leakproof resealable specimen bag to collect fecal sample
  • reusable, non-toxic, food-safe coolant pack to keep sample cool during shipping and prevent hatching
  • insulated, pre-addressed shipping envelope that protects contents during shipping
  • collection and treatment form with easy-to-follow instructions


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