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Jeffers Dental Float (& Replacement Blades)


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Carbide Replacement Blade for Float
Equine Dental Float w/ 26" handle
Replacement Blade for Float

Product Description

Jeffers Dental Float for Horses

The Jeffers Dental Float (with 26"L handle) has a hinged head making it universal for upper & lower molars. The long-lasting blade is concave from side-to-side to assist with proper contact with dental surfaces to help in filing down sharp points.

Horses have continuously growing teeth that can develop sharp edges or points due to uneven wear caused by their natural chewing motion. These sharp points can lead to discomfort, pain, and difficulty in eating. A dental float is to file down these sharp edges, correct dental abnormalities, and ensure that the horse's teeth are properly aligned for effective chewing.

The process of using a dental float involves carefully filing or rasping the teeth to remove any sharp points, uneven surfaces, or overgrowths. This promotes proper dental occlusion (the way the upper and lower teeth come together) and helps prevent dental issues that could impact the horse's overall health.

Replacement Blades are Available

Choose from the direct replacement Regular Blade (Item #JIDH) or from the Carbide Blade (Item #J3BD) with tungsten carbide chips.

Looking for the Jeffers Equine Dental Speculum? Find it here!:


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