Spurr's Big Fix


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Spurr's Big Fix

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Spurr's Big Fix is an antiseptic skin & wound spray for wounds, skin irritation, & injured hooves or paws that is effective on all livestock and pets. Read More

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Spurr's Big Fix

Now you can have just 1 antiseptic spray for all your livestock and pets with Spurr's Big Fix! This antibacterial and anti-fungal spray quickly reduces pain and itching while treating the affected area. The natural menthol and other essential oils are good for sore muscles and joints, as well as repelling ticks and other nasty critters. Just spray daily for treatment and weekly for preventative maintenance.

Spurr's Big Fix is effective on:

  • hot spots
  • infected sores
  • cuts & scrapes
  • open wounds
  • Rain Rot, Hoof Rot, Thrush, & White Line Disease
  • itchy skin from allergies & bug bites
  • natural pest repellent
  • other injuries & fungal issues

Proudly developed and perfected in the USA by a farrier with over 38 years of experience in the heart of Alabama's horse country. Spurr's Big Fix has been thoroughly tested both in the lab and in the field and has been endorsed by many horsemen and women.

Here are a few examples to show you how versatile and effective Spurr's Big Fix really is.

Cattlemen say they've seen more favorable results using this product and recommend it for use on cattle for faster healing after castration care and easy treatment of the navel cord on newborns. This amazing product is ideal for treating cattle for a variety of ailments and all you have to do is shake and spray.

Not only is this product good for wounds and hot spots on dogs and other animals, but also a great way to rid ticks. Just shake well and spray on your pet. After a few minutes, the tick will either back out on its own or will readily "pluck" right off your pet!

Great for hoof maintenance on horses and such as it can be used to recondition dry, cracked, or brittle hooves. Farriers just spray it on the hoof and wait a moment for a more pliable hoof to trim. For White Line Disease and Thrush, just spray and watch the black run out of the crevices around the frog and drip off the hoof.


  • Brand: Spurr's Big Fix
  • Type: Wound & Skin Care
  • Form: Spray
  • Special Feature: All Natural
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Size: 8 oz,16 oz,32 oz

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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    "Spurr's Big Fix"

    Very good at reducing the rain rot from mane and tail. Star tolerates the spray well. I might need to get some shampoo to make sure it stays gone and a conditioner.

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