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Vaccines are an essential component of preventative puppy and dog health care. Help protect and prevent your dog from contagious diseases and infections.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy: Trusted Vaccines & Meds at Jeffers

Jeffers Pet offers a wide array of dog medications and vaccines to help maintain your canine companion's health. Our selection includes various brands such as NeoVac, Durvet, Boehringer Ingelheim, and others, providing options suitable for different needs and preferences. These vaccines play a crucial role in preventative care, aiding in the protection against contagious diseases and infections that could jeopardize your dog's well-being.

From basic shots like Canine Spectra 5 to more specialized options like Nobivac Puppy-DPV, our range caters to dogs of different life stages and health requirements. Additionally, we provide a range of medical supplies essential for addressing various health concerns, including wound care, eye care, and skin care.

With our commitment to offering top-quality products, you can trust Jeffers Pet to deliver reliable solutions for your dog's health needs. Whether you're looking for vaccines, wound care products, or general wellness supplies, we strive to provide options that promote your dog's overall health and happiness.


What Vaccines Does My Dog Need?

Consult your vet for personalized recommendations, but common vaccines include those for rabies, distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus, and kennel cough.

How Often Should My Dog Be Vaccinated?

Vaccination schedules vary, but puppies typically receive a series of shots every 3-4 weeks until they're about 16 weeks old, followed by boosters every 1-3 years.

Are There Any Side Effects to Vaccinations?

Side effects can include soreness, mild fever, or decreased appetite. Serious reactions are rare but can occur. Monitor your dog after vaccination and consult your vet with any concerns.

What’s the Difference Between Core and Non-core Vaccines?

Core vaccines are recommended for all dogs due to the severity of diseases they prevent. Non-core vaccines are optional and may be recommended based on lifestyle or risk of exposure.

Can My Indoor Dog Skip Vaccinations?

Even indoor dogs can be exposed to diseases. Vaccination is essential regardless of whether your dog spends time outdoors.