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Western Horse Spurs, Straps & Accessories


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Unleash the full potential of your equestrian journey with Jeffers Pet's meticulously curated Western Tack Collection. Our premium selection of stirrups, spurs, and accessories is designed to provide you with unparalleled precision, comfort, and style, fostering a deeper connection with your horse and enhancing your overall performance.


  • Unparalleled Precision: Our spurs provide riders with precise control, fostering effective communication with the horse.
  • Style and Comfort: Enjoy the comfort of thoughtfully designed leather straps and accessories without compromising on style.
  • Safety First: Secure your stirrups and spurs with top-notch accessories, ensuring a safe and worry-free ride.

Designed for riders who seek excellence, Jeffers Equine Western Horse Spurs, Straps & Accessories cater to those who appreciate the perfect fusion of functionality and style.


Q: How do I choose the right spurs for my riding style?
A: Consider the type of riding you do and choose spurs with an appropriate rowel design for your needs.

Q: Are the stirrup accessories suitable for all saddle types?
A: Our accessories are versatile and designed to complement various Western saddle types.

Q: What benefits do leather straps provide?
A: Leather straps offer durability, flexibility, and a classic Western look.

Q: Can I use the products for both professional and recreational riding?
A: Absolutely! Our collection caters to riders of all levels and disciplines.

Q: Do you offer sizing guidance for stirrups and straps?
A: Find sizing information in each product description to ensure a perfect fit.