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Western Horse Bridles & Headstalls


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Western Headstalls And Bridles

Find the western headstall you are looking for at Jeffers Equine with our extensive collection of sliding ear headstalls, pleasure and trail bridles, hackamores, traditional western headstalls, and many others. Each style is designed with unique features and designs to meet your functional and aesthetic needs. Find headstalls from brands like Circle Y, Weaver Leather, Cashel, Oxbow Tack, Alamo Saddlery, Rafter T Ranch, and other respected brands.

While some may argue a headstall is not an imperative part of riding a horse, the vast majority opt for some form of bridle or headstall when mounted. Ease, safety, and control are gained when the correct headstall is chosen. The design of each headstall is aligned with the riding or competition you have in mind. A quick change headstall may be in order when training at home and switching bits and tack out frequently. Similarly, a throat latch may be necessary as a working cowboy for added security, beads and silver are added to show headstalls for added flashiness.

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