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Fleece Horse Coolers


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Provide warmth and comfort for your horses after exercising or bathing with a cooler designed to wick away moisture and regulate your horse's body temperature.

Jeffers Equine offers top-quality fleece horse coolers for unparalleled warmth and comfort. These versatile equine attire pieces are designed to regulate body temperature and efficiently wick away moisture.

The key features of our coolers are impressive. They ensure quick drying, allowing your horse to dry rapidly after exercise or bathing. The breathable fleece material prevents overheating, ensuring comfort in various weather conditions. These coolers are incredibly versatile, suitable for use in the stable, during transportation, or post-workout.

If you're unsure which horse blanket to choose, our complete horse blanket guide can help. We offer a wide range of options, including heavy-weight blankets, light-weight blankets, turnouts, stable blankets, fly sheets, and pony blankets.

Invest in your horse's comfort and well-being with our premium fleece horse coolers. They provide quick drying, breathability, and year-round functionality. Shop now at Jeffers Equine and ensure your horse stays cozy and happy.

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