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Keep your horse comfortable and warm in your barn or stable with the right stable blanket

What is a stable blanket?

A stable blanket is designed to provide warmth and protection to your horse in the stable environment. Unlike turnout blankets, stable blankets are not intended for outdoor use and focus on maintaining a comfortable temperature while your horse is indoors.

Benefits of using stable blankets

Indoor Comfort: Keep your horse warm and cozy in colder stable environments, especially during chilly nights.

Breathability: Choose blankets with breathable materials to prevent overheating and promote optimal air circulation.

Easy to Clean: Stable blankets are often designed for easy care, making them convenient for regular use in the barn.

Caring for your stable blanket

Extend the life of your stable blankets with proper care:

Regular Cleaning: Keep your blankets free from dust and dirt by regularly brushing and cleaning them.

Ventilation: Allow your blankets to air out when not in use to prevent odors and maintain freshness.

Repair Promptly: Check for any signs of wear and tear, and address issues promptly to ensure continued warmth and comfort.

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