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Complete Horse Blanket Guide

Complete Horse Blanket Guide

You want to keep your horse warm, but you don’t want them to sweat, and you certainly want your horse’s blanket to fit properly. Jeffers Equine has constructed a complete horse blanket guide to ensure that you are properly choosing, fitting, and caring for your horse blankets.

How to Measure Your Horse

  1. First, ensure that your horse is standing square.
  2. Place the end of a measuring tape at the point where your horse’s neck meets the center of their chest.
  3. Draw the tape along the widest part of the shoulder and then continue along the side of the horse.
  4. End your measurement at the edge of the tail. It is very important not to go to the center of the tail, as this will give you an incorrect measurement.

If you end up with a measurement in-between blanket sizes, round down to the smaller size. Purchasing a horse blanket that is too large can cause it to shift during turnout. It can also cause the horse to get caught up in the blanket, which will result in rips or injuries to your horse.

How to Care for Your Horse Blanket

Your horse’s turnout blankets may need to be cleaned from time to time and certainly after each season.

Some horse blankets can be machine-washed at home, depending on the capacity of your washer and machine specifications.

The Rambo Horse Blanket Wash is a special cleaning concentration for all horse rugs and blankets. It’s 100% biodegradable, formulated to be environmentally-friendly, and is safe to use on all synthetics, canvas, cotton, poly-cotton, polyester, acrylic, and denim.

Wash your horse blanket by following these steps:

  1. Remove excess dirt, mud, and hair.
  2. Remove all detergent buildup from your detergent dispenser.
  3. Place your blanket in a mesh wash bag to contain all straps and buckles, protecting them from damage.
  4. Machine-wash your blanket in cool water (maximum 85°F) on a gentle cycle using mild soap for a blanket-cleaning wash. (Important: Always follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions. Also, don’t use a washing machine with an agitator)
  5. Do not use detergents or fabric conditioners as you risk compromising the waterproof and breathable coating.
  6. If you find that the water no longer beads off the surface of your turnout, re-waterproof your blanket to add durable water repellency and revitalize breathability.
  7. Line-dry your blanket. Never put your blanket in the dryer.

Check your blanket manufacturer’s recommendations. If you are in any doubt, seek out the services of a local professional blanket-washing business to care for your horse blanket.

Which Horse Blanket Should I Use?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive has to do with blanket weight. More specifically, horse owners want to know which blanket weight to use for certain temperatures. This is a tough question to answer because every horse is different, but here is a chart to serve as a starting point.

This list does not take into consideration wind chill or precipitation, so you will need to factor those into your decision. This is particularly important for horses who are clipped and/or live outside. You will also need to take into account your horse’s body condition; thinner horses may require warmer blankets, for example.

In general, you want to keep your horse warm, but you don’t want them to sweat.

Horse Blanket Temperature Chart:

Average Temp (°F)  Unclipped Horse Clipped Horse
60° Nothing Nothing or lite turnout (no fill) if rainy &/or windy
50° Nothing Lite turnout
40° Lite turnout Medium turnout w/ standard or high neck
30° Lite to medium turnout Medium turnout w/ high neck or neck cover
20° Medium turnout Medium turnout w/ neck cover
10° Medium turnout w/ standard or high neck Heavy turnout w/ neck cover
Medium or heavy turnout w/ neck cover Heavy turnout w/ neck cover or double blanket
Below 0° Heavy turnout w/ neck cover Double blanket w/ neck cover

Jeffers Equine has your horse covered with the perfect horse blankets to keep them warm during the colder months. A wide array of unique blankets to choose from to fit your needs, whether medium weight horse blanket, light weight horse blanket, or heavyweight horse blanket.

For additional information on how to properly measure for a horse blanket, please see the video below:


If you’d like more information or have any additional questions, please contact our Equine Specialist, Kim Cahill, by email at kcahill@jefferspet.com, or call 1-800-533-3377 and ask for Kim.