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Coolcore Equine Cooling Blanket


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California Prop 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Product Description

Keep your horse cool on warm days, and help him dry faster after winter workouts with this multiuse Coolcore Equine Cooling Blanket. Great for cooling down your equine athlete after exercise, competitions, hauling or on hot summer days.

Simply wet the blanket, wring out the excess, shake and apply to your horse for 20 to 30 minutes for a fabric that stays up to 30% cooler than a horse's body surface temperature. The fabric is activated by being wet, so as both the horse and blanket dry, the cooling will reduce.

The cooling blanket is also ideal for use during cold weather. Place the CoolAid blanket on dry, and the moisture wicking immediately takes place. The cooling blanket is also ideal for use after baths. Cooling and drying ability lasts the lifetime of the material. Includes removable belly and leg straps for easy washing. Even better? The lightweight material is machine washable! No added chemicals or agents used within material; the cooling effect is from a proprietary weave in the fabric, and through care of the material, horse owners can enjoy use-after-use!

For best results, use as a cooling therapy after exercise. Use as needed for 20 to 30 minutes. Not recommended for use during riding or turnout.

Product is made of patented Coolcore material. Chemical-free cooling fabric offers the ultimate combination of wicking, moisture transportation and regulate evaporation that keeps the material 30% cooler than the surface temperature. This 100% machine-washable fabric works to move sweat away from the body while accelerating drying and providing a consistent cooling effect. Since Coolcore is chemical-free, the cooling performance of these products will never wash out or deteriorate over time.

For freezing: Soak wraps in water, wring out the excess, fold and place in freezer for up to one hour or longer if needed. Place in airtight bag if leaving in the freezer past the recommended freezing time.
For cooling: Soak wraps in either water and ice or just water, wring out the excess and shake.

Note:Always allow product to dry when not in use.


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