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Cattle Ear Tags & Identification Supplies


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Simplify Herd Tracking with Jeffers Cattle Ear Tags & Identification Supplies

Simplify cattle identification with Jeffers Livestock's complete selection of ear tags, tags, brands and more. Trusted suppliers like Y-Tex, Allflex and Z Tags ensure premium quality at affordable prices.

Whether tagging calves at birth or tracking herd health, Jeffers has identification solutions to streamline your operations. Explore reusable and disposable ear tags in nylon, aluminum and plastic. Customize identification methods with thermal printers, branding irons, markers and tattoo kits.

Convenience and value are our priorities. Choose from a variety of identification types and applicators to suit your individual needs and budget. One-stop shopping provides everything required to uniquely track each cow from calving to processing.

Prioritizing animal well-being, our tags, brands and markers cause minimal discomfort. Compliance with cattle programs like NAIS is simple using our reliable equipment selected to enhance herd management.

Discover simple solutions for efficient cattle ID today. Jeffers Livestock partners you with the right tools at the right price. Seamless identification optimizes herd health - start shopping and stay ahead of the brand.

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