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Cat Identification (ID) Tags


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Unleash Your Cat's Individuality with Stylish and Durable ID Tags from Jeffers Pet

Express your feline companion's unique spirit with Jeffers Pet's diverse selection of Cat ID Tags. We offer a comprehensive collection, encompassing playful patterns and sophisticated engravings, catering to every cat's personality.

Envision your playful tabby proudly sporting a fish-shaped tag, while your elegant black cat exudes sophistication with a monogrammed design. With countless options, we empower you to showcase your cat's individuality through their very own ID tag.

Jeffers Pet prioritizes your peace of mind. Our tags are meticulously crafted for durability and functionality, featuring weatherproof and jingle-proof construction. This ensures your cat's ID remains securely attached, no matter their adventures.

Choose confidence knowing your feline friend wears a high-quality Jeffers Pet Cat ID Tag. It's a worthwhile investment that reflects their unique spirit and safeguards their safe return, allowing you to enjoy worry-free purrs.