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What Size Saddle Pad Do I Need? 4 Essential Considerations

What size saddle pad do I need?

What size saddle pad do I need?

What size saddle pad do I need?

Finding the perfect fit: A guide to saddle pad sizes


Selecting the right saddle pad size is crucial for ensuring your horse’s comfort and performance. A well-fitted saddle pad not only enhances the riding experience but also prevents potential health issues for your equine companion. In this guide, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when determining the appropriate saddle pad size for your horse.

Understanding Saddle Pad Sizes: 4 Things to Consider

  1. Saddle Type:
    • Western Saddles: If you own a Western saddle, the size of your pad will depend on the saddle’s skirt length. Measure from the front of the saddle to the back of the skirt to determine the appropriate pad size.  There are Western saddle pads designed specifically for use with Western saddles.
    • English Saddles: For English saddles, the pad size is typically determined by the seat size. Match the pad size to the size of your saddle for an optimal fit. English saddle pads are suited for English saddles.
  2. Shape and Style:
    • Consider the shape and style of the saddle pad. Some pads are contoured to better fit the horse’s back, providing enhanced comfort and minimizing the risk of rubbing or pressure points.
  3. Thickness:
    • The thickness of the saddle pad can also impact sizing. Thicker pads may require a larger size to accommodate the additional bulk.
  4. Brand Guidelines:
    • Different brands may have specific sizing guidelines, so it’s essential to refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Jeffers Pet offers a comprehensive guide on saddle fitting instructions and tips, providing valuable insights into ensuring the perfect fit.

BONUS Content: Are impact gel saddle pads worth it?

If you prioritize advanced shock absorption and have a budget for the investment, impact gel saddle pads could elevate your riding experience – especially in high-impact scenarios.

  • Technology Overview:
    • Impact Gel pads feature a specialized gel for shock absorption and energy dispersion.
  • Key Benefits:
    • Ideal for high-impact disciplines.
    • Reduces pressure points and ensures durability.
  • Considerations:
    • Assess compatibility with saddle type and size.
    • Factor in the budget for the higher price tag.

“What size saddle pad do I need?” Conclusion:

Investing time in choosing the right saddle pad size is a small effort that goes a long way in ensuring your horse’s well-being and performance. By considering factors such as saddle type, shape, and thickness, you can make an informed decision. Jeffers Pet’s blog and their Western and English saddle pad collections provide additional resources to guide you in finding the ideal fit for your equine partner.

Remember, a well-fitted saddle pad contributes to a more enjoyable and comfortable riding experience for both you and your horse.