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What Makes The Mojo Joint Difference?

What Makes The Mojo Joint Difference?

You may have seen Mojo Joint mentioned at the top of our list in the Top 5 Joint Supplements for Horses blog, and there’s good reason why. We thought we’d take a moment to talk about why Mojo is so special to us and why we constantly recommend it to customers. Join us as we dive into the story of how Mojo came to be and what makes it so unique.

The Story of Mojo Joint

Mojo was developed by Jennifer Gilliand while searching for a solution for a true all-in-one supplement for her horses. Tired of carrying around a ton of different supplements to shows, she decided to develop Mojo and committed to making it with the highest levels of human-grade ingredients available. Jennifer made this commitment to quality because while other supplements may have higher amounts of vitamins and nutrients, they usually use lower-level ingredients. This may make a supplement look more powerful, but it is not as effective since the ingredients are lower quality.

Unimpressed with the upkeep of the pelleters used to make Mojo in its previous facility, she purchased a pelleter and now makes it herself. With the help of her daughter, Jennifer personally makes every batch sold from their farm in Alabama. This all started in a small barn, and they still keep that same mindset.

With the goal of making horse and animal health and care affordable, this woman-owned business has made waves in both the equine and pet industry with their commitment to transparency, hard work, and dedication towards helping others. For more information on Mojo and how it came to be, check out the video below.

The Mojo Joint Difference

Unlike other supplements that may contain feed-grade ingredients, Mojo only uses food-grade ingredients in their products. The company believes that if it isn’t good enough for us to eat, why would we give it to our animals, and we agree! The goal of Mojo is to “replace harmful medications and prescriptions with natural supplements and give your animal a better quality of life.”

Their line of products includes supplements for horses, dogs, cats, and exotic animals. Another goal of Mojo is to reduce the number of supplements and medications your animal has to take by jam-packing nutritious ingredients into an all-in-one supplement.

Not only are their products packed with nutrition, but the company prides itself on its product transparency. Unlike some other supplements, what is on the label is what you get, nothing else and nothing more. For an affordable price, you can help your animal stay healthy, happy, and pain-free.

An image of Mojo Horse Supplement, Mojo Exotic, and Mojo Canine + Feline Joint Supplement on a wooden table in a wooded area.

Why Choose Mojo Joint?

Mojo Joint is a great supplement choice for both senior and performance animals and an excellent addition to a solid preventive health plan. Not only are the products affordable and effective, but there are tons of reviews and success stories to back up the effectiveness of Mojo. Follow along as we dive into the different products offered and the features and benefits for each.

Mojo Horse Supplement

Perfect for senior and performance horses, Mojo Horse Supplement is filled with powerful food-grade vitamins like MSM, glucosamine, and vitamin A, D, and C, to name a few. Not only is great to use for horses that may be prone to joint problems, but it also helps prevent and delay expensive maintenance measures such as hoof injections. This product has plenty of 5-star reviews and is a go-to recommendation from Kim, Jeffers Equine Specialist, whenever customers are looking for a powerful and effective all-in-one- supplement for horses.

Mojo Canine + Feline Joint Supplement

An excellent joint supplement for dogs and cats, Mojo Canine + Feline Joint Supplement helps maintain your pet’s coat, mobility, and muscle mass. Containing food-grade ingredients such as glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and more, this joint supplement has helped many pets improve their coat condition and playfulness. If you’d like to check out the effectiveness of this supplement for yourself, watch the video below.

Mojo Exotic Animal Joint Supplement

Mojo’s commitment to helping animals does not stop at horses or household pets. They also make a supplement for exotic animals, including wolves, bears, cougars, lions, and tigers. When given Mojo Exotic, these animals have seen improvements to their mobility, moods, coat condition, and muscle mass. Like the other supplements, it contains food-grade ingredients, including vitamins such as Manganese, MSM, glucosamine, Yucca, and more.

Mojo + Jeffers

When you order Mojo Joint from Jeffers, there is no middleman. We get our products directly from Jennifer, which she hand makes on her Alabama farm, usually shipping the next day. Ensuring we both support and uplift businesses that dedicate themselves to bettering the lives of animals is a large part of Jeffers’ mission, and we are proud to carry the Mojo line.

Do you have any Mojo successes stories that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.