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Top Tips for Traveling Safely with Your Furry Friend

Tips for Traveling Safely with Your Furry Friend

We always say pets are family. When it’s time to take a vacation or to visit a loved one who lives out of town, you may want to take your pet along for the fun. If you’re planning an extraordinary getaway with your furry friend, here are some top tips for traveling you’ll want to know. Our guide will show you the essentials you need for a safe, comfortable experience everyone will enjoy.

Top Tips for Traveling Safely with Your Furry Friend

1.   Get your Dog Ready for the Road

Before you take a long trip, prepare your pet by going on short adventures first. Go by the local coffee shops and get a treat for you and your buddy. It’ll be something your pup looks forward to, and short trips will be a primer for the bigger ones. Slowly stretch the times out to gear up for the big day of travel.

2.   Keep Pets Secure

It’s safer to keep your pets in the back seat when traveling. Fur babies are too small to ride in the front seat, and if you’re in an accident, the airbag can cause injuries to your dog. Take a pet carrier or kennel if needed. If not, restrain your pets with a car harness to keep them in place.

3.   Don’t Leave them Unattended

Even if you think it’s not too hot, your car can reach 20 degrees warmer in ten minutes. The inside of your vehicle can be too hot for your fur-covered canine unless the air is running. Dogs can have heat strokes, so don’t leave them inside your car, even with the windows down.

4.   Have Supplies on Hand

When you travel with a pet, you need treats and water ready for the road. Like you, your pup likes to snack during a long car ride. Some easy-to-chew treats, like natural dog jerky, can be broken into pieces and handed out along the way. Smaller pieces also don’t present a choking hazard as other may, so they’re perfect for travel. Keep a travel water bowl with you so you can easily keep your dog hydrated. Don’t forget any medications you might need.

5.   Stick to Your Routine

When you take a trip, you do things out of the norm. With your pet, that’s not always best. Animals like routines and getting away from that can cause them stress. Try to stick with regular feeding and walking times, even in their new surroundings. That will keep the adventure fun while other things vary during their vacation. Take their favorite toys and bed to make them feel comfy and calm.

Bringing Your Best Fur Friend

With all the pet-friendly hotels and places to visit, there’s no reason you should leave your best friend at home. You and your pet can have an unforgettable trip together on the road, seeing all the sights and experiencing new adventures together. Don’t forget those dog parks and other pet-friendly areas in the town you visit. Many locations invite you to bring your four-legged pal along. Once you have that first trip under your belt, you and your dog will be ready for the next one.