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Things to Consider When Adopting a Dog

Adopting A Dog
Things to Consider When Adopting a Dog

If you’ve decided to become a new dog parent, congratulations! Few things are as rewarding as adopting that new family pup. We know bringing home your new dog is a big step, so we wanted to make the process as easy as possible. In this guide, we’ll give you some tips on finding and introducing the perfect pooch to your home.

Think About Your Lifestyle.

The first thing you should do is consider your lifestyle and energy level. Are you away frequently on business trips? Are you a couch potato and want a companion to snuggle with while binging your favorite TV shows? If so, don’t get a dog that needs lots of exercise and playtime. Try to adopt a pet that has a lower energy level, like a senior dog. These babies still have lots of love to give. Don’t forget a warm and cozy place for your new pet to nap and relax.


Consider Fostering

If you foster a dog, you’ll get a better idea of temperament and energy level. You’ll also be able to tell if the pup makes a good fit for your family. Contact a local rescue or shelter for suggestions. Many of these organizations would love to help you find the perfect fur baby.


Plan For the Future

Do you have plans for your future that could affect your new best friend? Dogs are often returned to shelters and local rescues each year due to “family circumstances” changing for the owners. While there are genuine reasons to return a dog, many people sadly decide they don’t want the responsibility of having a pet anymore. Think critically about the future before you adopt a pet.


Pet-proof Your Home

Remember, your home is new territory for your dog. You’ll want to put away items you don’t want chewed or broken. After your pup gets settled, you may be able to put those items back. Some dogs are notorious chewers, though, so be careful with your expensive shoes! Have plenty of toys your new pet can chew and play with because having appropriate toys can keep dogs occupied and away from your things.


Practice Patience

If you adopt from a shelter, it’s important to remember that dogs may take time to decompress. These areas can be overcrowded and loud. Once your new fur baby gets accustomed to you and the new surroundings, things will calm down. Be sure to give your pup the time needed to learn he has a new home now. Before you know it, your baby will be spoiled rotten and enjoying a brand-new life.


Creating a Rhythm Together

It will take time to develop that perfect rhythm with your new pet. Give yourself and your dog some time to adjust to the new routine. You will learn your way, and you’ll have a constant companion that’ll give you unconditional love for years to come. Whether you want a running partner or sofa snuggler, your local rescue can help you find your new best friend that’ll change your life forever.