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The Truth About Cats and Baths: Do They Really Need Them?

The Truth About Cats and Baths: Do They Really Need Them?
The Truth About Cats and Baths: Do They Really Need Them?

Is bathing your cat truly necessary, or is it just a way to torture yourself while your feline friend attempts to make a fast getaway? We’ve all heard that cats hate water, so most people wonder if their cats even need baths the way dogs do. So, let’s dive into the facts and find out once and for all the truth about cats and baths. Do they need them?

When the Situation Fits

There are times when bathing your cat might be a good, if not a pleasant, idea. What if your kitty has been a little naughty and gets into something that smells less than pleasing? The only way to get that stink out is to give your furry friend a good bath. A bath can wash away dirt and sticky residue, like sap and mud. Cats will self-clean, but sometimes they need a little help from their human counterparts. Now, a little dirt never hurts anyone, even your cat. For small issues, you can always use a product like Davis Pet Wipes to tackle smaller jobs.

Certain Cat Breeds Need Baths

If you have a long-haired cat, you probably know how easily dirt seems to accumulate on the fur. An example would be a Persian, with luxurious, thick fur, that may be a little too hard to self- groom. After the bath, don’t forget to brush your long-haired beauty with a shedding comb to avoid mats. Alternatively, cats with little or no fur, like a Sphynx, need periodic baths to remove oils.

Medical Reasons

If you have an arthritic kitty or one that has weight problems, you may find your cat has some mobility issues. That presents a problem with self-cleaning, and your sweet feline may become dirty over time. Older cats also may experience issues with delicate skin that quickly becomes flaky and itchy, and a warm bath usually remedies this problem.

How Often Should You Give Your Cat a Bath?

If your cat fits into any of the categories mentioned, you may find yourself trying to figure out the proper frequency for the occasion. Cats and baths may not sound easy, but don’t worry, most cats won’t need frequent bathing. Since many cats don’t enjoy baths, this is good news for wary feline parents. A rule of thumb is that depending on how often your cat performs self-grooming, a bath every 4-6 weeks should do the trick. Another excellent option are waterless shampoos that require no rinsing while gently and effectively remove dirt and odor.

Knowing the Essentials

Cats are family and you want to treat them well. They give their owners lots of love and don’t require much in return. Most cats won’t need you to bathe them, and they’ll groom themselves. These are fiercely independent creatures, and their nature is to be largely self-sufficient. If you do need to bathe your special feline and find it too stressful or difficult, contact your local groomer or veterinarian’s office. They have all the supplies and knowledge ready to take care of your pet.