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The Importance of Nail Clipping for Dogs

The Importance of Nail Clipping for Dogs
The Importance of Nail Clipping for Dogs

Whether you’ve decided to trim your dog’s nails yourself or take your pup to a trusted professional, we’ll help you understand the importance of nail clipping for dogs and learn why it’s so crucial for your dog’s health. Your dog is your best friend, so you always want to ensure the best care possible. Part of that care is keeping their nails consistently trimmed. Let’s explore this comprehensive guide to nail clipping.

Why Does it Matter?

When your dog’s nails get too long, it harms his overall health. If the nails become long enough, it can become painful for your pup to walk. Nails can also grow into their paw pads, not only creating pain but causing infections too. Some more long-term health problems could be joint pain and arthritis in the feet.

How to Clip

The first thing to do is get your dog comfortable. Be patient and use a gentle approach. Offer your dog praise and lots of favorite treats. Don’t get discouraged if it takes some time. Your dog can sense frustration on your part, so keep a positive attitude and use these tips.

Start Young

If possible, start young to get your furry friend used to nail clipping. That won’t always be possible, as many dogs are rescued later in life. That’s wonderful for you and your dog and doesn’t make nail clipping impossible. It may take a little longer to get your pup acclimated to the process.

Recognize Stress

If your dog is having a hard time with nail clipping, don’t consider it defiance. Try to see this process through your canine’s perspective. This is a new opportunity for you both, so slow down and give your pup as much time as is needed.

Be an Advocate

If you take your dog to a professional, be sure it’s a comfortable environment. That will make the nail-clipping process less stressful for your pet. If your dog gets too nervous, ask the groomer or vet personnel to go slow.

Use the Right Tools

There are numerous trimming tools available. If your dog doesn’t react well to grinders, try clippers, or a combination of both. Alternatively, your dog may prefer the grinder because it acts more like a nail file.

Careful Clipping

Many pet parents are afraid of cutting their pet’s nails too short and causing pain for the dog. Cut conservatively, especially if your pup has dark nails, as the quick can be harder to see. You can use a penlight to see the nail better. Have some styptic powder in case you clip a bit too short, causing some bleeding.

Don’t Stress

Nail clipping can seem a bit daunting to many people. It takes time for you and your pup to get accustomed to the process. If it’s not feasible to clip those nails at home, always seek a trusted professional like a groomer or veterinarian. They will have experience with nail clipping and can get the job done quickly and without pain to your beloved pup. What’s important is finding the process that works for you and your dog.