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Show Ring Ready: Tips to Make Your Horse’s Coat Shine

Get Your Horse Show Ring Ready
Get your Horse Show Ring Ready!

Even if you aren’t looking to snag the blue ribbon, you still want your horse to have a shiny coat. Dull coats make your horse look unhealthy, while a lustrous one makes everyone that sees your equine do a double take. You may not show your horse, but you’d rather he have a beautiful, shiny coat than one that isn’t. So, how do you accomplish the goal? We’ll help you with tips for getting that show-worthy shine on your horse.

1.   Regular Vet Appointments

You know how important it is to have a trusted vet who knows you and can help guide you on decisions for your animals. One of the first steps for a show-worthy shine is to keep scheduled maintenance visits with your vet. Your veterinarian will be able to tell if your horse has any issues that need to be addressed.

2.   Proper Nutrients

Good nutrition is crucial for a beautiful coat. If your horse is missing out on vitamins and minerals, he could quickly become deficient in things like omega-3 fatty acids. Hay loses omega 3s and other vitamins once it’s cut and begins to dry. To help your horse get enough nutrients, always provide salt blocks and formulated grain or ration balancers. You can also give your horse a supplement like Sho-Glo for horses.

3.   Bathing

A shiny coat won’t happen without proper bathing first. Use a shampoo that removes dirt and grime. Using a product like Glistening Gold shampoo will leave your horse’s coat shiny and soft. You need a gentle product that won’t strip your horse of his coat’s natural oils. After a good bath, you can use a horse conditioner for a more luxurious shine.

4.   Grooming Routine

Once your horse is clean and dry, it’s time for the grooming part. You want to curry your horse in circles because it helps loosen leftover dirt, dust, and hair. It’ll also give your horse a massage and help stimulate blood flow. Once you finish the curry session, brush the dirt and hair away with a stiff brush. Then, you can use a softer brush to get any of that lingering dust left behind. This two-step process will bring out more of his natural shine.

5.   Spray for Shine

There are coat polish sprays you can get that will protect and moisturize the horse’s hair. Many of these repel dirt but don’t spray around the saddle area. These sprays are slippery, and you don’t want any accidents! The sprays can be applied every week for the best results.

Healthy, Shiny Coats

With all the products on the market to help your horse achieve an amazing shine, it’s important to remember that a shiny coat starts within. One of the best ways to ensure the outcome you want is to feed your horse a proper diet, including any needed supplements. Always consult your vet before giving your horse vitamins to make sure they’re beneficial and not unnecessary for your animal. With a little time and effort, your horse will have a show-worthy shine whether you’re on a casual trail ride or competing in the ring!