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How to measure a horse for a blanket in easy 4 steps

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How to measure a horse for a blanket

As the temperature drops, providing your horse with a well-fitting blanket becomes essential for their comfort and well-being. But you may be wondering how to measure a horse for a blanket. Measuring your horse correctly is the first and most crucial step in this process. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to measure a horse for a blanket, using insights and resources from Jeffers Equine, a trusted source for equestrian supplies and information.

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Tools

Before you begin measuring your horse, it’s essential to gather the tools you’ll need. Jeffers Equine recommends having a flexible tape measure, a helper (if possible), and a pen and paper to record the measurements. Preparation in this step will help expedite the next 3 steps.

Step 2: Measure Your Horse’s Length

The first measurement you’ll need is the length of your horse from the center of their chest to the point of their buttock. This is often referred to as the “A to B” measurement. Your helper can stand at the horse’s head while you measure. Ensure the tape is flat against the horse’s body, following the contour, and note the measurement in inches.

Step 3: Determine the Horse’s Height

The next measurement is your horse’s height, often measured in hands. To do this, measure from the ground to the highest point of the withers, which is the ridge between the shoulder blades. Be sure your horse is standing squarely on level ground for an accurate measurement. Jeffers Equine’s blog post on horse blankets and sheets provides additional insights into the importance of measuring the height correctly.

Step 4: Find the Correct Blanket Size

Now that you have the “A to B” length and height measurements, you can use Jeffers Equine’s blanket sizing guide to find the right size for your horse. The blog post “Complete Horse Blanket Guide” offers a comprehensive resource on selecting the right type of blanket based on your horse’s needs, as well as tips on measuring and fitting.

How to measure a horse for a blanket: Additional Resources

Consider your horse’s individual needs and the climate in which they live. Jeffers Equine’s blog post on “Horse Blankets and Sheets You Need to Know” can help you understand the various features and types of blankets available, such as lightweight sheets, turnout blankets, and stable blankets. Be sure to choose a blanket that suits your horse’s requirements.

If you prefer a visual guide, Jeffers Equine offers a YouTube video titled “How to Measure Your Horse for a Blanket“. This short video provides a step-by-step demonstration of the measuring process, which can be a helpful complement to the written instructions.


Choosing the right blanket size for your horse is crucial to ensure their comfort and protection from the elements. By following these simple steps and utilizing the resources from Jeffers Equine, you can measure your horse accurately and select the perfect blanket. Remember that a well-fitted blanket is an investment in your horse’s well-being during colder months, so taking the time to measure correctly is essential. Stay informed, consult additional resources as needed, and keep your equine companion snug and cozy this winter!

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