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Holiday & Christmas Tree Safety for Dogs

Dog in Antlers: Christmas Safety for Dogs

Christmas is a fun time for many people, especially dog lovers who want to include their pets in all the holiday fun. When you want to make this season a safe one for your pup, there are some simple Christmas safety tips you can follow. You want this time to be special for your furry friends, too. As you gear up for the holiday season, use these tips so that you can include your dog in all the Christmas festivities.

1. Weigh down the tree

Dog in santa suit laying on a christmas tree limb

If you want the perfect Christmas tree while letting your pup enjoy it too, you need to fortify the tree base. Dogs are intrigued by all the lights and ornaments on the tree. To keep the tree from tipping over, add some weight to the legs of the stand, then cover it with a skirt.

You can also anchor the Christmas tree to keep it from falling and causing injury to your pet. Simply securing the tree to a wall or ceiling hook with some fishing line can do the trick.

2. Secure those Christmas lights and wires

Dog with Christmas lights wrapped around him

Don’t let your dog’s curious paws touch wires and batteries. These new additions can be tempting for your pet to play with, but wires can deliver lethal electrical shocks. A battery with a puncture can cause severe burns to your dog’s mouth.

Hide the lights deep inside the branches of the tree. Try to place the electrical strip where your dog can’t see it. A barrier that covers the main outlets is also a good idea.

3. Careful with the holiday goodies

Owner giving a brown dog a Christmas candy cane

For this season, some people like to bake and deliver sweets and goodies. These can be delicious for you but dangerous for your dog. Many sweet treats get made with products like xylitol that can be toxic to your pets.

You can still let your canine friends feel extra special this season by selecting treats that are made just for them. Surprise your dog with something like Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Minnows Dog Treats! Your pup will go crazy for this healthy snack.

4. Avoid the mistletoe

White dog looking at holiday decorations

You can kiss your pup anytime you want! Pet parents love to shower their furry friends with affection. You don’t need mistletoe and holly for the occasion. These plants are toxic to your dog and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and kidney failure. Love on your pup, but ditch the fancy plants. If you want to include something special for the holidays, choose silk or plastic flowers and keep them out of your pet’s reach.

5. Enjoy the holiday together

Blonde woman laughing with a golden retriever wearing a santa hat

You don’t have to be a scrooge this holiday season. There are ways to have a magical Christmas and include your dog in all the fun, too. As a pet parent, you want your pup to experience all the joy and not miss out on anything. With our Christmas safety tips, you and your dog will have the best holiday together while avoiding any of the potential risks. All it takes is a little planning and it’ll truly be the most wonderful time of the year!