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5 Fun Activities to Make Christmas Morning Extra Special for Your Dog

5 Christmas Morning Activities with Your Dog

You know the excitement of Christmas morning. The gifts are under the tree, and everyone is ready to tear into them and see what awaits. There’s no reason why your furry friend should get left out on Christmas day. After all, dogs are part of the family.

Since Christmas is just around the corner, you might need some ideas on how to involve your dog in all the fun activities. You’ve come to the right place because we have some exciting ways to make Christmas morning extra special for your dog.

1. Christmas Treats

Christmas stocking full of treats with a stuffed reindeer to the side

Christmas is the time of year most of us indulge in delicious food. If you want to pamper your pets this Christmas morning, make sure you give them some holiday treats! Mix things up with some tasty people foods dogs can eat, too. These foods can all be enjoyed in moderation, and your pup will feel special and extra spoiled this season.

2. Winter Stroll

Santa walking a dog

There are few things dogs love more than going for a walk. This is a time when pets can experience the smells and sounds of nature. It also creates a great routine they’ll look forward to, no matter the day. On Christmas morning, consider taking your pup for a longer walk or try out a new park you haven’t gone to together. If the weather is a little frightful, dress your pup in a TechNiche Warming Dog Jacket for extra comfort.

3. Get Out the Family Games

Man playing with dog in the snow

Many people enjoy playing games on Christmas morning. It may even be a family tradition for some. Christmas is a wonderful time to let your dog join in on the fun. You can play hide and seek, chase the ball, or tug of war. Dogs will love the excitement, and it’ll help get some energy out, too!

4. Give Christmas Gifts

Puppy beside a wrapped present pulling on a ribbon

Since your pup is part of your family, you want to get presents your dog will love. It’s easy to find the right gifts. Go all out and spoil your pet with toys and treats. Maybe a cozy pet bed is in order this Christmas. Your dog will love napping in comfort underneath the tree after all the festivities.

5. Keep the stress low

Dog and cat snuggling

Although you want your dog to be included on Christmas morning, you also want to have somewhat of a normal routine. Dogs love structure, so it’s important to make their day fun while ensuring a bit of normalcy. Loud noises and more people in the home can be stressful for your pet. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy those Christmas traditions while allowing your pup to stay calm and on schedule.

A Wonderful Christmas Time

Dog wearing a Santa hat being hugged by a woman

If you have a dog, there’s nothing better than enjoying this holiday season with your furry friend. Dogs love to take part in family traditions, too. Spending Christmas with your dog makes the day so much more fun! You won’t go wrong with any of these fun activities on Christmas morning with your dog. Get started making some memories and new traditions with these ideas for you and your pet this holiday season.