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Easy Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Trick or Treat - Dog with cape and pumpkin pail

Are you gearing up for the Halloween season with your best friend? Did you wait until the last minute? If the thought of fitting your dog with a costume this year seems a bit daunting, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered. Check out our latest guide on easy Halloween costumes for dogs that’ll have you and your sidekick ready for a fun night of trick-or-treating.

Five easy Halloween costumes for Dogs

Whether your dog loves fashion as much as Hollywood A-lister, or wants to keep it simple and toned down, we have options you’ll love. Even better, these doggie costumes can be super budget-friendly, so you don’t have to spend a fortune making your dog look like a rockstar.

Wizard Cape and Hat

If you have the smartest pooch in the pack, what about a cape and hat to go with all those doggy tricks on Halloween? These costumes are at most retail stores, and the cape attaches to your pet’s collar for a comfy fit. The cone hat will usually have a loop that goes under the chin, but if your dog won’t tolerate a hat, the cape still makes a statement on its own.

The Rocket Dog

If you love space, and want to give your buddy a cool jet pack, try this DIY costume. You can use two 1-liter bottles, some duct tape, and a little spray paint to give them a silver look. Put some red and yellow tissue paper in the bottles to look like flames. Print the logo and tape it to the bottles. Attach the final masterpiece to a harness or collar, and your dog is ready to launch!

Simple Collar and Bandana

Dog in Bandana Costume

There are tons of Halloween collars and bandanas available online and in stores. If your dog doesn’t love wearing clothes, you can get simple costumes that make your dog look like James Bond or the next president! Many collars come with bowties or regular tie options if you’re going to a formal Halloween gala!

Cozy Dog Hoodie

Dog Hoodie, Felt, and Glue Gun

These are great for dogs with shorter coats. Dog hoodies are available online and in many stores. If you have one at home you already use for those walks when the weather gets cooler, you can transform it into an adorable reptile. Use some felt and a hot glue gun to turn an ordinary hoodie into this easy costume.

  1. Use any color felt and cut into diamond shapes.
  2. You can use fabric glue to attach the felt diamonds to the hoodie.
  3. If the diamond spikes aren’t stiff enough, a little ironing will make it perfect.

The Stuffed Animal

2 Dogs dressed as beanie baby toys

Do you have a dog that looks like a fluffy stuffed toy? If so, this idea is so simple but sure to be a hit in your neighborhood! It’s also great for pets that don’t like a lot of fuss about what they wear. A Beanie Baby dog is an adorable costume that only takes a little time and a few supplies.

  1. Print out the TY logo.
  2. Tape the logo on red felt, then cut out a heart shape.
  3. Put the paper logo on white felt and cut out the TY letters.
  4. Glue the letters to the heart and attach a ribbon to the back.

Have some fun

No matter which look you’re going for, remember to have fun and always keep your dog safe. Many pets get lost this time of year because they get anxious with all the noise and crowds the holidays can bring. If your best friend needs some help staying relaxed, we have plenty of anxiety and calming products that can do the trick this Halloween.