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Cattle Deworming Strategy

cattle deworming
cattle deworming
Keep your herd healthy with proper cattle deworming

“Strategic deworming” refers to the timing and approach used to deworm your herd of cattle, and it’s based on climate and the type of parasite challenge you have. Seasonal cattle deworming costs about $8.50 a head on average, according to Michigan State University.

And yet the net return in added weight gain for your cattle is over $30 a head, and that goes straight into your pocket for doing just a few hours of labor. So “deworming is one of the higher return-on-investment tasks each beef operation needs to accomplish,” says the MSU experts.

Their recommended strategy is to deworm cows in the fall after they’re removed from pasture, and then again in the spring about six weeks after turn-out. Calves usually only need it done in the spring or early summer, depending on your climate. While you’re at it, go ahead and take care of other tasks that require handling, such as tagging and vaccinations. If you are wondering when to deworm in the spring, the perfect time is when the grass starts to turn green in your area.

Broad-spectrum products are great for controlling both external and internal parasites. Make sure you follow the directions on the label and ask a vet if you need more information.

Ivomec® Eprinex® Pour-On Wormer for Cattle
Ivomec® Eprinex® Pour-On Wormer for Cattle

Jeffers Livestock carries a range of cattle dewormers, sometimes referred to as cattle wormers. Browse through our collection to choose the right product for your herd.

One of our most popular cattle deworming products is Ivomec® Eprinex® Pour-On Cattle Wormer, which is the broadest-spectrum livestock parasite control and dewormer product available for cattle. It’s designed to kill 39 species and stages of internal and external parasites, including roundworms, lungworms, grubs, mange mites, horn flies, and biting and sucking lice.