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Best Cat Window Perch for Fat Cats

EZ Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill

Imagine your cat snuggled up on his new window perch, purring in the warm sunlight, when suddenly SLAM, the perch collapses and your cat hits the floor (on all fours of course). You watch on, startled and afraid that your cat will never trust the perch again. If only there was a perch designed specifically to take on heavier cats. You wonder to yourself  “How do I find the best cat window perch for fat cats?”  The answer to your question just walked in our door at Jeffers. 🙂

cat window perch
Double Stack EZ Window Mount


Stewart Justice from K&H is here at Jeffers sharing new and exciting pet products. One product that stood out the most to me was the Window Mount Perch. Now that I have accepted the fact that my cat-loving children will always have cats in the home, I am gradually becoming more of a cat person. I will always be a dog person, but our cats have really grown on me. A common challenge with cats is finding sturdy window perches. One of our cats is a little “fluffy,” not fat, but fluffy.

cat window perch
Putting the Double Stack EZ Window Mount to the test at Jeffers

When Stewart brought out the Double Stack EZ Window Mount and easily attached it to the whiteboard behind my desk, we were really impressed, but my first thought was… will it hold up?  We have tested many cat window perches that did not stick well, and you hate for your kitty to be lounging in the window, watching birds, relaxing, and the suction cups fall off.

Stewart, faced with this question, started throwing the heaviest stuff he can find at my desk, from full paint cans, to heavy binders, and this cat window perch held up!  I have been sitting for about an hour next to the perch and it hasn’t even moved 🙂