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Alex Leaves For Haiti

Just watched the Church bus pull out with my 14 year old son, Alex. He is going with our church on a mission trip to Haiti. I think it is the hardest thing I have ever done. Alex has a wonderful spirit. He has learned to speak Haitian Creole. He packed his juggling balls, and I know the children at the Orphanage will love Alex.


I’m Not Ready But He Is:

I am sitting in the parking lot at work, praying for his safe travels, and trying not to cry too much 🙂 I know he is prepared. He understands a lot of the language. We packed a referee whistle for an emergency, a suitcase full of beanie babies for the kids, and a first aid kit second to none (although nothing in it is labeled for people). He has Vetricyn, PetSkin, Vetrap, Corona Ointment, even my favorite horse detangling brush in case his hair gets too out of control 🙂

Thanks for any extra prayers from today until June 6th 2015 🙂