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5 Essential Dog Training Commands

5 Essential Dog Training Commands

Training your pup is helpful for you and your canine companion. It helps you connect more deeply and spend some much-needed time together. Many pet parents feel they bond with their dogs when they train them. If you aren’t sure where to start with your dog, grab your dog treat pouch and keep reading our article for the five essential training commands every dog owner should teach.

  1.    The sit command

    The sit command is a foundational protocol that you can start with to eliminate some naughty puppy behaviors, like jumping on friends and family when they visit. Start with holding a treat close to your dog’s nose. Move your hand up a bit, allowing your pup’s head to follow. You’ll notice dogs will eventually lower their bottoms. Immediately reward with the dog treat and give praise.

  2.    Come now

    Your favorite canine needs to learn to come when you command. If you lose your grip on the leash, this command will be helpful. Start with the leash on your dog. Lean down to your dog’s level and gently but firmly say, “Come,” while you pull the leash. When the pup comes to you, reward it with affection and a treat.

  3.    Down

    Some dog owners struggle with this command because dogs can be excited and not want to be submissive. Don’t let it frustrate you. Keep your training on a pawsitive note, and stay relaxed. Hold your pup’s favorite training treat in your hand. Now move the training snack closer to your dog’s snout, with your hand closed. When your dog sniffs it and shows interest, move your hand along the floor in front of your dog to encourage the down position. Dogs will let their bodies follow their heads and stretch out completely. Once this happens, say “Down,” and give the treat. Don’t forget to show some love!

  4.    Stay

    This is one of the most helpful commands, as it comes in handy when you want your dog out of the way. That may be when guests are over or when you’re cleaning the house. Start with the sit command and open your hand in front of your dog, palm out. Say, “Stay,” and take two to three steps back. If your dog stays in place, praise it with affection and treats. At first, this may only be for a few seconds, so be patient and generous with rewards.

  5.    Leave it

    This command helps keep your dog safe. There could be something tantalizing but harmful you don’t want your furry friend to get near. Put a treat in both hands. Show your dog one enclosed fist with a treat inside and say, “Leave it.” Your dog may lick, sniff, or bark to get the treat. Do nothing until that stops, then give him the treat from the other hand. Repeat this until your pup moves away from the fist when you make the command. Once he backs away and looks at you, give him the treat.

Be patient

Training takes time, so practice patience and be kind. Don’t rush the teaching process. You’re requesting a lot from your canine, so invest the time it takes to finish the exercises. Always remain calm and assertive for any training session.