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Allergy Test My Pet Canine Sensitivity Test


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Product Description

Allergy Test My Pet Canine Sensitivity Test

Allergy Test My Pet® gives you accurate results from a quick, easy, and completely painless at-home allergy test kit. It provides you with a measure of sensitivity to many possible allergens and helps get to the bottom of your dog’s well-being.


  • Which foods you should avoid, and which may be safe for your dog’s diet.
  • Your dog’s unique intolerances and sensitivities for over 100 factors.
  • Common household and environmental factors affecting your pet’s wellbeing.
  • Food and environmental allergens to keep an eye on.

Allergy Test My Pet® is an easy-to-use pet sensitivity test to help discover the factors that may be affecting your dog’s wellness. This affordable allergy test will measure the proteins found in your dog and report for over 100 items that may be affecting your furry friend.

Knowing how difficult it is dealing with your pet’s allergies, this cost-effective tool is designed to help your dog on the path to greater wellness and peace of mind for you.


  • A custom analysis of over 100 food and environmental items that your dog may have sensitivities to.
  • A list of foods and household products you should avoid including laundry and cleaning products, tobacco, and other household items.
  • Results in about 2 to 3 weeks after the sample is received.

Allergy Test My Pet® helps put your dog on the journey to a more comfortable and healthy life.


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