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PetSafe Deluxe Crystal Litter Box System (& Accessories)


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PetSafe Deluxe Crystal Litter Box System (& Accessories)

This Deluxe Crystal Litter Box system is an innovative litter box that is designed to work specifically with crystal litter. At the beginning of the month, simply fill the box with one bag of PetSafe Premium Crystal Litter.

As your cat uses the box, the crystal litter will absorb urine and dehydrate solid waist to control odors. The tray is lined with an absorbent pee pad that acts as an extra layer of protection catching any urine that the crystal litter does not immediately absorb. Vents along the undersides of the litter box encourage airflow beneath the crystal litter to extend the life and freshness of the litter. Use the included scoop to dispose of solid waste daily, and the anti-tracking grid o the front of the litter box will keep litter inside the box and off your floor.

One bag of crystal litter will last up to one month in a single cat household. Simply empty the box at the end of the month, clean it out and refill with another bag of crystal litter for another month of unbeatable odor control.

Features & Benefits:

  • Long-lasting litter - vents promote airflow, increasing litter life; one bag of litter can last up to one month for a single cat.
  • Reduces odor - crystal litter absorbs cat urine & dehydrates solid waste, making it 5x more effective at reducing odors.
  • Keep your floors clean - anti-tracking grid capture slitter from paws as He/she exits & high walls keep the litter inside.
  • Two layers of protection - The crystal litter plus an absorbent pad which acts as a backup layer of moisture & odor defense.
  • For cats up to 15 lb.

System Includes:

  • 1 Deluxe Crystal Cat Litter Box
  • 1 Bag of Crystal Cat Litter
  • 1 Litter Scoop with mounting hook
  • 1 Pee Pad


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