Kaeco Goat Colostrum Powder, 9 oz jar

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Kaeco Goat Colostrum Powder, 9 oz jar

Kaeco Goat Colostrum Powder provides essential vitamins and trace minerals to establish good health for newborn goats. 9 oz Read More

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Kaeco Goat Colostrum Powder

Kaeco Goat Colostrum Powder contains dried colostrum, 5 strains of probiotics, vitamins A, D, B-12 and minerals to assist in the replacement of colostrum.

Directions for Goat Colostrum Powder:

Use provided measuring scoop to administer 1 tsp in each feeding of milk or milk replacer.

The newborn will also receive a generous supply of highly absorbent, essential vitamins and trace minerals.


  • Brand: Kaeco
  • Type: Colostrum Supplement
  • Size: 9 oz jar

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