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At Jeffers Pet, we're dedicated to providing a diverse range of barn and stable supplies tailored to meet the needs of equestrians, farmers, and animal enthusiasts. Our extensive selection includes everything you need to maintain a clean, organized, and efficient stable environment, ensuring the well-being of your animals.

Why Choose Our Manure Forks & Feed Scoops:

Explore the benefits of our barn and stable supplies and discover why they're essential for every animal care routine:

Efficiency: Streamline your daily chores with our manure forks and feed scoops, saving valuable time and energy so you can focus on enjoying the company of your animals.
Hygiene: Maintain a clean and sanitary environment for your animals with our tools, effectively removing waste and distributing feed accurately to reduce the risk of disease and promote overall health.
Precision: Ensure your animals receive the exact nutrition they need with our feed scoops, allowing you to measure out the perfect amount of feed and supplements tailored to their individual requirements.
Versatility: From horses and cattle to goats and more, our barn and stable supplies are versatile tools suitable for a variety of species and environments, providing unmatched functionality and convenience.

Simplify animal care with Jeffers Pet's trusted barn & stable supplies. From secure chicken houses & rabbit hutches to pest control products, we equip you for optimal animal well-being. Explore our curated selection and experience the difference dedicated care makes. Shop now.


Q: What's the difference between manure forks and feed scoops?
A: Manure forks are specifically designed for removing waste and debris from stalls and pastures, while feed scoops are used for measuring and dispensing animal feed.

Q: Are these products suitable for all types of livestock?
A: Yes, our selection caters to a wide range of animals, including horses, cattle, pigs, and more.

Q: How do I choose the right size and material for my needs?
A: Consider the size of your animals and the frequency of use when selecting the appropriate size and material. Lightweight options may be preferred for smaller animals, while heavy-duty materials offer durability for larger operations.