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Top 10 Fly Masks for Horses in 2021

Top 10 Fly Masks for Horses in 2021

Another fly season is upon us, and with it comes the overwhelming task of choosing a mask that will help to fully protect our horses. With so many different options, it can be hard to choose one that will work best for your horse. Thankfully, Kim, Jeffers Equine Specialist, has selected 10 of the best masks that Jeffers offers to help make your decision a little easier. Some of these are tried and true customer favorites, while we also welcome a few newcomers.

When choosing a fly mask for your horse, it is essential to look for a mask that provides the right amount of coverage and is comfortable for your horse to wear. From prints designed to confuse flies to masks that offer nose and ear protection, this list covers them all. So you can choose the best fly mask to help protect your horse’s most sensitive areas from pesky insects.

A graphic showing the top five fly masks in 2021.

1) Rambo Plus Fly Mask with Ears: Dubbed the most effective of Horseware Ireland’s fly masks, the Rambo Plus offers “the ultimate protection against flies and the damaging effects of sunlight.” An improved design offers optimal eye protection while a detachable nose and adjustable closures allow for comfortable grazing. Plus, with reinforced areas around the eyes designed to prevent rubbing, this mask offers your horse the ultimate amount of protection and comfort.

2) Zeb-Tek Fly Mask with Ears and Detachable Nose: Inspired by wildlife and backed by scientific research, this zebra stripes mask confuses flies while they try to land. Its vibrant colors also help to repel them from your horse altogether. Additional features include a removable nose which provides flexible protection, which is a great option for grazing horses. Fleece along the inside seams prevents rubbing and acts as a barrier, keeping smaller flies outside of the mask.

3) Shires Full Face Fly Mask with Ears & Detachable Nose: A full face fly mask designed with a fine mesh that allows for full vision and ultra-breathability. Its airstream ears and a zip-off nose provides versatile coverage. Suitable for use in the field, in the stable, or when traveling. Shaping keeps the veil away from the eyes offering an improved fit.

4) Crusader Long Fly Mask with Ears: The “Original Crusader” helps keep biting flies away from your horse with a long nose and light micro mesh ears. A patented 3-hole cap helps eliminate forelock damage while ensuring a more comfortable fit. Soft-coated, nylon micro mesh helps block 70% of UV Rays and protects eyes.

5) ComFITec Durable Mesh Fly Mask with Ears & Nose: A durable mesh mask that offers sturdiness and a superb fit thanks to it being made from a more heavy duty mesh and designed with double darts above the eyes. Adjustable double touch tape tabs offer ease of use while a soft fleece binding offers comfort. A stretch fleece poll helps round out a secure and comfortable fit. Offers 60%+ UV protection.

A graphic showing the bottom five fly masks of 2021.

6) Jeffers Lycra Fly Mask with Ears: This Jeffers’ branded fly mask offers protection against insects, airborne particles and UV Rays. Constructed with lightweight Lycra material and shaped mesh eye coverings, this mask offers an incredible amount of protection and increased vision. This is the perfect mask for horses that are super sensitive to anything rubbing on their face, as it doesn’t move around and there is no Velcro that can itch.

7) Shires Earless Fine Mesh Fly Mask: A great option for horse’s with sensitive ears, this mask has a large opening that makes it easy to slide over your horse’s ears. Fleece-lined brows help to prevent flies and gnats from entering at the top of the mask. Not only does this mask help protect against flying insects, it also provides a barrier against dust and airborne particles. One of the more versatile masks we offer, this mask is suitable for use in the field, stable, or travel.

8) Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Ears and Fringe: More than just a fashion statement, the movement of the fringe at the end of the nose provides an extra barrier of protection for your horse. Constructed with fine mesh, this mask offers full visibility and ultra-breathability, keeping your horse comfortable. Just like the Earless Fine Mesh Fly Mask, this mask helps protect against flying insects, dust, and airborne particles. Suitable for use in the field, at the stable, or while traveling.

9) WeatherBeeta ComFITec Fine Mesh Fly Mask without Ears: Designed with vision, comfort, and durability in mind. Made with fine mesh, each mask allows for full visibility while the double dart design offers a superb fit. The stretch fleece poll provides a better fit, preventing nuisance flies from entering at the poll of the mask. Fleece binding provides additional comfort while preventing rubs, and 2 Velcro straps help to keep this mask securely in place. Offers 60+ UV protection.

10) Quiet Ride Fly Mask with Ears & Long Nose: Trail riding has never been a more pleasurable experience for your horse than with the Quiet Ride. Designed to eliminate head-tossing and stress caused by insects on the trail. Inspired by the Crusader, the Quiet Ride is made with a breathable nylon mesh that offers protection while you ride.

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