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Keeping Your Pet Warm During Winter Walks

Happy white dogs outside wearing a Jeffers Expression "Maya" Waterproof Dog Coat.

Walks can be great exercise for you and your pet, but during the winter months, they can be dangerous if your furry friend isn’t warm enough. After all, we layer ourselves with proper clothing in cold weather. Many people are under the mistaken assumption that because animals have fur, they are automatically insulated. This is not the case. Check out our guide on keeping your pet warm during those winter walks.

1.   Make walk times shorter

If it’s cold out, you may want to shorten the duration of your walks. Depending on the temperatures, consider a 20-minute walk rather than 30 to 45 minutes. That gives your pup some outside time and a little exercise. Have an energetic pet that needs more of a workout? Give your dog some interactive toys that’ll get some of that energy out while providing entertainment and exercise.

2.   Keep them bundled for warmth

If the temperatures have taken a plunge, you probably don’t leave home without your coat. When you take your dogs outside for a winter walk, be sure they bundle up with a Jeffers Premium Winter Dog Coat. These come in a variety of color schemes, so your pups can mix up the styles as they like!

3.   Moisturize their paws

Cold weather can make your best friend’s paws dry and cracked. If left untreated, their paws can split, which can be extremely painful. After each winter walk, make sure you moisturize your dog’s paws with Espree Paw Balm to protect their pads from getting too dry. It’ll be a little massage for them and peace of mind for you!

4.   Walk during the day

We know how busy life can be for most people. Some of us wait until we get off work to take our dog for a nice, long walk. Winter means shorter days, so the temperatures start dropping early. If possible, try to schedule your walks during the day, before it gets too cold. Hiring a professional dog walker is a great idea to free up some time and still get in that walk your dog loves.

Jeffers Expression “Maya” Waterproof Dog Coat

5.   Plan for rain

Adding to the harshness of winter is the dreaded rainfall that sometimes accompanies it. If the forecast calls for rain, plan appropriately with a Jeffers Expression “Maya” Waterproof Dog Coat. The last thing you want is for your canine buddy to get soaked to the bone and end up shivering all the way home. Keeping your dog from getting too wet during winter can also help prevent frostbite.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Frigid temps don’t have to interfere with all the outdoor fun to be had. There are ways to brave the cold and still protect your dog while enjoying being outside. Keeping your pup warm is crucial, so get those cold-weather accessories ready and have some winter fun with your favorite friend! Watch the times and your dog’s energy level. Short walks are often much better than no walks at all. Exercise helps keep your pup healthy and happy. When you are prepared ahead of time, your pet will thrive during all seasons of the year, even winter!