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5 Indoor Activities For Your Pet During Bad Weather

Black dog with white paws lying on couch


Many dogs get anxious during inclement weather. Whether it’s a little rainy out, or too cold for your pup to brave the outside world, entertaining your pet with fun activities doesn’t have to be hard. Spending time with your dog or cat indoors is the perfect opportunity to bond. We’ve got 5 indoor activities for your pet that will keep your furry friend entertained and calm during bad weather.


1.   Find the treat fun

Dogs often calm down when they’re mentally stimulated. If you find a way to take their attention off the bad weather, you’ll both have a better day. All you need are three or more plastic cups and your buddy’s favorite treats. Line the cups up and put a treat under one of them. Rearrange them a few times and let your dog find the goodies.

2.   Use interactive toys

One of the best ways to occupy your dog is with toys. The SnugArooz Olivia the Octopus Dog Toy has a squeaker inside and can give your dog eight hugs at once! Don’t forget that cats love to play, too! If your feline friend needs some indoor fun, a Yeowww! Crinkle Catnip Butterfly Toy is sure to please.


3.   Have a spa day

Your dog may not like the idea of a bath, but you can create a relaxing environment while you spoil your pup. If it doesn’t create more anxiety, pamper your pet with a warm bath. Comb or brush their fur, then give them a nice massage. Your dog will most likely take a nap afterward. Cats usually appreciate forgoing the bath part!

4.   Teach new tricks

Teaching new tricks is another way to distract your pet from the bad weather. Most tricks also require physical exercises, which help both the body and mind. You can try basic commands like fetch, using the KONG Jumbler Disc for something unique. It looks like a frisbee and has a ball inside for more squeaky fun. Training sessions are also great ways to tire your pup out. Don’t leave your cat out of the fun. Felines can learn tricks, too. With a Kong Bat-A-Bout Glow Aquarium, you’ll soon have a soccer star in the house!


5.   Play hide and seek

Most dogs love to play. When you enjoy games with them, nothing could be better! This game works best with two people so one person can get the dog’s attention while the other hides. If you’re alone, try to distract your dog or give the command to stay, then hide and call your dog to come and find you.


Don’t forget the cuddle time

After some interactive play or training, there’s nothing that your pet will love more than some cuddle time with you. We all like to relax now and then, and your pet is no different. If you can’t get outside, curl up with your dog or cat and enjoy some downtime.

The next time there’s bad weather headed your way, try these activities to help relax your pet while doing something fun together. There are lots of exciting and easy indoor games your pet is sure to love.