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How to Make Your New Cat Feel at Home

How to Make Your New Cat Feel at Home
How to Make Your New Cat Feel at Home

When you adopt a new cat, it can take some time to adjust to the different surroundings. The first few days can be difficult for your new feline friend. Naturally, you’ll want to make your cat feel safe and welcome in your home. We’ll show you how to prepare the new abode and make your cat feel comfortable.

Get your home ready

There are some items you’ll need to have in place. If this is going to be an indoor cat, have a litter box and litter ready. There are tons of options available, so choose the best products for your needs. Place the litter box in an area that’s quiet to encourage use. Don’t forget the food and a soft bed, like a Red Velvet Plush Pet Bed that offers cuddly comfort for your cat. A few fun toys can encourage play time and help you bond with your new pet.

Let your cat set the pace

Many new cat owners are tempted to rush into putting their pet into the family mix. Since it takes time to get used to a new family and territory, let your kitty dictate the engagement terms. Don’t be offended if your new baby hides for the first few days. That’s completely natural. You may even confine her to one room in the beginning, so she doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Take things slow and let your cat get used to the surroundings and smells of a new home. It’s common for a cat to show some slight behavior issues for the first few days, but this is often from fear. Things will settle down soon.

Feeding a proper diet

When you get your new cat, ask what kind of food she’s been eating. You don’t want to change the diet too quickly, because that could cause tummy upset and your new kitty may not like the sudden difference in diet choices. You can slowly mix the new food with what your cat has been eating and then switch over completely within a couple of weeks. You want to get your cat on a healthy diet, so something like Purina Exclusive Cat Food may be a good option. Some finicky felines prefer wet food, so you may need to experiment.

Encourage exploration

Cats love to explore, so once your new pet gets comfortable, don’t be surprised when you have a furry adventurer in your home. Put any fragile objects away, because cats can reach high places! Remember, no space is off-limits to a curious kitty! Zoomies are real, and you may hear some 3 AM morning runs. That’s just your cat’s instinct to roam and check things out on their terms.

Patience pays off

When you bring your new cat home, remember to have some patience. It can take time to get into a regular rhythm, but the payoff is so worth it. Cats make wonderful companions and before you know it, you’ll be bonding over playtime and movie-binging marathons. Having some patience during the initial adjustment period will go a long way toward helping your new family member feel at home.