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Dog Safe Ice Cream and Cookie Sundaes


Dog Safe Ice Cream and Cookie Sundae

With options for Cookie Cups and Ice Cream Sandwiches

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is August 4th and just because your Pup can’t have chocolate doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to celebrate too. Dog Mom’s rejoice because we have got a recipe for you! Make homemade cookies and ice cream to share with your Pup to celebrate knowing that they are completely dog safe! Chocolate Chip cookies are a favorite of most everyone and while you would love to share your cookies with your pup, chocolate is toxic for dogs. Bake at Home Carob Chip Cookie Mix is the perfect alternative that looks just like the real thing but good news, carob is perfectly safe for dogs to eat!

What do you need to make this fantastic treat?

Bake At Home, Carob Chip Cookie Mix
1 Large Egg
1/4 Cup Vegetable Oil
1/3 Cup Water

Ice cream:
1 1/2 Cups Plain Greek Yogurt
3/4 Cup Unsweetened Natural Peanut Butter
1 Ripe Banana

How To:

Ice Cream

If you have a blender you can combine all ingredients in the blender and get this mix smooth or you can mash the banana by hand with a fork combining the peanut butter and yogurt as you go, once all of the ingredients are well combined and in a bowl, stick it in the freezer for 2 hours to let it firm up to be served as ice cream later. After the two hours in the freezer you can transfer it to the refrigerator so that it stays soft for scooping!

Pro Dog Mom Tip:
Want to keep your ice cream on the softer side? Cover your ice cream with plastic wrap before freezing to help keep your ice cream soft!



Let’s get baking! Bake At Home, Carob Chip Cookie Mix has easy to follow instructions. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Combine cookie mix, egg, vegetable oil, and water in a bowl and mix until your form a dough.

When baking your cookies you have several different options, you can roll out a ball and flatten it to create a normal cookie for treats and garnishing ice cream like the image below.

You have the option to bake it in a sheet so that you can cut it into sandwich slices to make ice cream sandwiches for your pup.

Or you can use a mini muffin tin to create cookie cups to hold your ice cream! Just flip the muffin tin upside down and form a cookie around one of the muffin cups like the image below to get a smooth surface inside the cookie cup or use the front side of the muffin tin pressing the cookie mix up the sides of the tin to create a smooth side on the outside of the cookie cup.

No matter what option you pick, bake the cookies for 18-20 min in the oven. Keep an eye on them and don’t let them burn!

If  you made cookie cups, let cool for 3-5 min and using a knife gently loosen your cups from the muffin tin.

If you are planning on making ice cream sandwiches, allow your cookie sheet to cool 3-5 min, so that it is still warm but won’t crumble, using a knife slice up your cookies in ice cream sandwich fashion!

Once all your cookies are cool you can scoop your ice cream and assemble your sandwiches by placing a scoop between two cookie slices, scoop some into your cookie cups, or scoop the ice cream you made into a bowl and garnish with a cookie or two!

Now both you and your pup can enjoy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day like never before!

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