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Keep Your Animals Healthy and Happy with Jeffers Pet's Foot & Hoof Care Products

Jeffers Pet offers a complete line of high-quality foot and hoof care products for all animals, from pets to livestock. We understand the importance of healthy hooves and feet for your animals' well-being, so we offer a variety of solutions to meet their specific needs.

Our Products:

Thrush Treatments: Eliminate this common hoof problem and relieve discomfort with our specialized products.
Hoof Sprays: Keep hooves healthy and strong with sprays formulated for protection and resilience.
Protective Boots: Shield hooves from harsh conditions and injuries with comfortable and durable boots.
Remedial Solutions: Address specific hoof problems with targeted treatments that promote healing.
Healing Salves & Gels: Soothe and nourish damaged hooves with products that provide relief and promote tissue repair.

Benefits of Good Foot and Hoof Care:

Prevent problems: Protect your animals from discomfort, infections, and other hoof issues.
Maintain mobility: Healthy hooves allow animals to move freely and engage in natural activities.
Improve overall health: By caring for their feet and hooves, you contribute to their long-term well-being and happiness.


Q: How often should I use hoof care products?
A: Frequency depends on the specific product and the individual needs of your animals.

Q: Can these products be used for all types of animals?
A: Our range caters to a variety of animals, from domestic pets to livestock.

Q: Are these products safe for pregnant or nursing animals?
A: Consult with a veterinarian for tailored advice based on the specific product.

Q: Do I need different products for preventive care versus addressing existing issues?
A: Our selection includes both preventive and remedial solutions, providing versatility for all needs.

Q: Can I use these products in conjunction with each other?
A: It's advisable to follow product-specific guidelines, but many can complement each other for comprehensive care.