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Western Breast Collars | Western Horse Tack


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Jeffers' Western Breast Collars are crafted to redefine your riding experience. Beyond mere accessories, these collars ensure optimal saddle security, rider confidence, and, most importantly, your horse's comfort. Discover the perfect harmony of function and fashion as you explore our exclusive collection.

Benefits of Jeffers Pet's Western Breast Collars:

  • Enhanced Stability: Our breast collars provide optimal stability, preventing saddle slippage and ensuring a secure riding experience.
  • Improved Performance: Designed to enhance your horse's natural movements, promoting better performance and comfort during rides.
  • Style Meets Functionality: Choose from a variety of styles, each marrying aesthetics with functionality for a distinctive and polished look.
  • Tailored for Every Horse: Whether you're a seasoned rider, trail enthusiast, or competitor, our collection offers versatile options to suit different needs.

What's In It:

  • Premium materials including leather, mohair, and nylon
  • Diverse styles and colors to suit your preferences
  • Innovative designs to prevent saddle slipping
  • Contoured shapes and wither straps for optimal horse comfort


Q: How do Western Breast Collars benefit my horse?
A: Our collars prevent saddle slipping and provide optimal comfort, ensuring an enhanced riding experience for your horse.

Q: Are these collars suitable for various Western riding styles?
A: Yes, our collection caters to diverse riding styles, from trail riding to roping.

Q: Can I use these collars on any Western saddle?
A: Absolutely, our collars are designed to complement a wide range of Western saddles.

Q: Do you offer different sizes for a perfect fit?
A: Yes, our collection includes various sizes to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for horses of all breeds.

Q: What sets Jeffers' Western Breast Collars apart in the market?
A: Our collars boast premium materials, thoughtful designs, and a diverse range, promising both style and functionality.