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Horse Detangling & Deshedding Supplies

Discover the finest Horse Detangling and Deshedding Supplies at Jeffers Pet, your ultimate destination for exceptional horse grooming essentials. Our extensive selection caters specifically to the needs of horse owners, featuring a wide array of products from renowned brands such as EquiGroomer, Weatherbeeta, and Jeffers. Whether you're in search of high-quality detangler sprays, shedding blades, or detangling brushes, our collection has it all. Each product is carefully chosen to ensure the effective removal of loose hair, dirt, and dander, promoting a healthy and lustrous coat for your equine companion.

Our range includes various types of combs, rakes, and rubber groomers, all designed to be gentle yet efficient for all horse breeds and coat types. From preparing your horse for a show to maintaining their daily grooming routine, our deshedding tools make the process effortless. Our grooming supplies not only enhance the appearance of your horse but also contribute to their overall well-being. Shop at Jeffers Pet for affordable, durable, and top-quality horse grooming supplies. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and a wide selection of products, you're sure to find the perfect grooming tools to keep your horse looking and feeling their best.