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Horse Grooming Clippers and Blades

Whether you are looking for clippers, blades, or grooming accessories, Jeffers Equine offers a wide range of horse grooming clippers and blades to help make your grooming experience quick and easy for you and your horse. A nice coat is just one of the many health benefits you can give your horse so that they don’t get matted and are always comfortable. Whether the climate you’re in is hot or cold, take a look through our horse clipper and blade options to keep your stallion looking sharp.

For horses who aren’t a fan of loud noises, we have a wonderful silent trimmer option to help avoid any anxious response. The Oster Whisper Quiet Trimmer that comes with blade replacements is a great option for your anxious animal. The Oster Whisper Quiet Trimmer features a pivot motor that “helps keep animals relaxed and calm, even as you trim around ears, face, and feet.”

Here at Jeffers, we understand that grooming your horse can be a tough task. To help with lengthier or more intricate tasks, we offer multiple blade sizes, single and two-speed razors, different kits, and plenty of carrying cases. Or if you want a quick touch-up here or there, our shears are a great choice for meticulous and accurate haircuts.

We have plenty of accessories to help you with all of your grooming needs, including extra batteries, multiple blade sets, and clipper blade care items.