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Horse Feed-Thru Fly Control

Is your horse bothered by pesky flies? Explore Jeffers Equine's top-tier selection of horse feed-thru fly control products for unrivaled comfort. Opt for natural, non-chemical solutions or discover the latest in safe, targeted internal fly control—all at everyday low prices.

Why Choose Jeffers Equine?

  • Unmatched Efficacy: Our targeted formulas disrupt the fly life cycle, significantly reducing fly populations in and around your barn.
  • Natural and Safe: Choose from a range of chemical-free or low-chemical options that gently protect your horse without compromising their health.
  • Convenient and Efficient: Simply add the product to your horse's feed, eliminating the need for messy sprays or ointments.
  • Expertly Formulated: We utilize cutting-edge research and development to ensure our products are effective against a wide range of fly species.

Benefits You Can See:

  • Reduced Stress and Irritation: Let your horse graze in peace, free from the constant annoyance of biting flies.
  • Improved Health and Performance: Fly-free horses experience better weight gain, stronger immune systems, and even enhanced athletic performance.
  • A Cleaner Barn Environment: Fewer flies mean a more hygienic and pleasant atmosphere for both you and your horse.

Q: How does feed-thru fly control work?

A: Our products disrupt the fly life cycle internally, curbing larvae development and minimizing the overall fly population.
Q: Are these products safe for all horses?

A: Absolutely, our natural formulations ensure safety for horses of all ages and breeds.
Q: How frequently should I use these products?

A: Regular use, especially during fly seasons, guarantees continuous protection for your horse.

Q: Can I combine different fly control methods with feed-thru options?

A: Yes, combining methods provides a more comprehensive defense against flies.
Q: What are the advantages of feed-thru over topical solutions?

A: It offers systemic, long-term control from within.
Q:Do feed-thru products have side effects?

A: Generally safe; monitor for reactions and consult a vet if needed.

Transform Your Horse's Experience—Shop Now!

Jeffers Equine's Feed-Thru Fly Control is more than a product—it's your horse's gateway to unparalleled comfort and defense. Browse our selection and provide your equine companion with the care they truly deserve!