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Horse Wound Care Supplies


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First aid kits, ointments, bandages and wraps are essentials to have on hand in the barn or stable. Stock up with our selection of trusted brand wound care products.

At Jeffers Equine, we understand the importance of easing your horse's pain and discomfort. Our focused wound care solutions are designed to provide rapid healing and targeted treatments, ensuring your equine companion receives the relief they deserve.


  • Rapid Healing: Experience immediate action with our carefully curated wound care selection.
  • Targeted Treatments: Each product is tailored to address specific concerns, ensuring your horse gets the focused care they need.
  • Soothing Relief: Provide your horse with a comforting touch, promoting a serene healing environment.
  • Supportive Solutions: Our products go beyond, offering the support necessary for a seamless recovery.

Optimal Protection Beyond First Aid

Our horse wound care products transcend basic first aid, offering your beloved horse optimal protection against infections and pests. Every bandage, ointment, and spray in our selection is meticulously crafted to create a protective barrier, safeguarding your horse's wounds throughout the healing process.

Explore Top-Notch Essentials

Discover premium horse wound care essentials at Jeffers Equine. Our curated selection features renowned brands such as Dr. Naylor, Swat, Riggin's, Vetericyn, and more. From antiseptic dressings to fly repellents, ensure your horse's well-being with our effective and trusted products.

For unmatched wound care, choose Jeffers Equine—where quality, effectiveness, and trusted brands seamlessly
come together.


Q: Why is wound care important for horses?
A: Proper wound care is crucial for horses to prevent infections, promote healing, and maintain overall health. Horses are prone to injuries, and timely and appropriate care helps avoid complications.

Q: How do I choose the right wound care product for my horse?
A: Consider the type and severity of the wound, and check product descriptions for suitability.

Q: What is the recommended frequency of applying fly repellent ointments like Swat Clear?
A: Follow product instructions; Swat Clear, for example, can typically be applied daily.

Q: Are there comprehensive first aid kits available, or should I buy individual products?
A: Jeffers offers a Horse First Aid Kit for convenience, but you can also purchase individual items based on your needs.