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Protect your equine companions with our specialized Influenza Vaccines for Horses at Jeffers Pet. This dedicated section offers a wide range of horse flu vaccines, ensuring the health and wellness of your horses. Our selection includes products from trusted brands like Zoetis, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Merck, known for their efficacy and safety in preventing equine influenza.

Our influenza vaccine range caters to various needs, with options like single-dose vaccines, multi-dose kits, and gels. These vaccines are essential in safeguarding your horses against the highly contagious respiratory virus, which can significantly impact their health and performance. Regular vaccination is a critical part of equine care, especially for horses involved in shows, races, or those in frequent contact with other horses.

Jeffers Pet provides reliable and effective flu vaccines suitable for all horse breeds and ages. Our products are easy to administer and are designed to fit into a comprehensive equine health care regimen. Whether you manage a small stable or a large equestrian facility, trust us to deliver quality vaccines that keep your horses healthy and active. Browse our selection now and take a proactive step in preventing equine influenza.