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Horse Cribbing Collars & Muzzles


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Jeffers Pet offers an essential selection of horse cribbing collars and muzzles, designed to help manage and prevent cribbing behavior in horses. Our range includes products from trusted brands such as Weaver Leather, Schutz Brothers, JT International, JM Saddler, Jeffers, and Farnam, ensuring quality and effectiveness.

Cribbing, a common behavioral issue in horses, can lead to various health problems. Our cribbing collars and muzzles are specifically designed to discourage this behavior, promoting better health and well-being for your horse. These products are crafted from durable materials, ensuring long-lasting use and comfort for your horse.

Whether you're looking for a traditional cribbing collar or a more modern muzzle design, Jeffers Pet has options to suit your needs. Our products are easy to adjust and comfortable for horses to wear, making them an excellent choice for horse owners seeking to address cribbing issues.

Shop with confidence at Jeffers Pet for your horse cribbing solutions. Our commitment to providing high-quality, effective products means you can trust us to help maintain the health and happiness of your horse. Visit our website to explore our range of cribbing collars and muzzles, and find the perfect fit for your equine friend.